I Like To Wear A Tiger Snuggie When I'm Alone In My Apartment

December 9, 2010

I hate to go all Sex and the City on you, but remember that episode where Carrie and Co. talk about their super secret single behavior? You know, the stuff you do in the privacy of your own home when no one else is around. I guess it's one of the luxuries of being single, that you don't have to answer to anyone and can indulge in all kinds of wacky behavior, sans judgment.

As for my SSSB, I love to throw on my tiger snuggie and watch terrible romantic comedies that I wouldn't pay to see in theaters, while eating a burrito. Usually I'm hungover when I do this, so my emotions tend to get the best of me and I may or may not tear up a bit on the couch. I fear that once I'm in a relationship I may not be afforded this self-dubbed luxury, unless of course, I find a man who's down with Tuggie* Time.

Okay, so now that I've shown you mine, it's time for you to show me yours. What super secret single behavior do you guys like to partake in? We won't judge.

*tiger + snuggie = tuggie...not the other kind of tuggie time, which, now that I think about it, would also be welcome.

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you gotta be kidding me :))))) ... i just go around naked all the time ...

I wander around in my underwear. Some days I don't even get dressed unless I have to go out for a meeting.

same here.................

Wow, that's courageous Rob, respect! My SSSB is to cranck up the vinyl (Lp s of course) and get right into the best songs I've got. I don't necessarily become Ms Diana Ross or Burton Cummings, or even Disco Tex and his Sexellettes but you'd swear you've been transported back a couple decades! ;) thanks for sharing Rob!

A snuggie...so wrong on so many levels...the biggest one being: in another world (like, say, the REAL WORLD) they are also known as "clothing" that is split up the back for easy access. AKA: a SHROUD!!! You know: Something you dress a corpse in for burial...no thanks, I'll stick to my favorite sweatpants - easier access for a self-inflicted grope of the manly/personal kind. Ahhh! That felt gooood! :-)

Single or not, naked at home is the biggest comfort you can afford without judgment or boundaries. I do admit that I love watching Mexican soap operas and some of my friends admit they are ridiculous and it's not a manly thing to do, but I don't care. I even got my partner who's European and not familiar with these shows, to watch them with me and now he likes some of them and is helping him improve his Spanish language skills.

I still behave like I'm single/live alone... and he LOVES it!!

Hmmm, I'm pretty quick to tell on myself about things many/most would be too embarrassed to admit. But a Tuggie?! Seriously?!! LOL Ok, no judgements here...heh, heh.

So, in warm weather I run around in my mostly private backyard in flimsy boxers...sometimes even nude. But only the very warmest weather brings me to (un)dress that way indoors. Nothing prudish behind it...just usually too cool indoors to be very comfortable. As for winter wear...lounge pajamas or sweat pants (both sans underwear) works for me. A bit of flopping inside the pants feels great. Sorry, nothing more unusual than that.

Now, if I had someone to come & watch a video on TV with me, naked under a flannel sheet or light blanket would be a great way to cuddle up together.

Shedding a tear at a movie can be a fun thing especially if a friend does it too. Some friends are better for sports games and others for more emotional experiences depending on the level of toughness for sure. A drink or 2 will indeed increase chances of both giggles and tears when a movie is in the B category but a well done movie will generate that effect without the drink as well. Wearing fun robes or bunny slippers should be accepted by friends if they are true friends for sure. Relax and be silly or even emotional at a sad ending sometimes. Its good for the tear ducts and the lungs too.

That is quite possibly the most adorably sexy thing I've seen in a long time.

i agree wtih pdxotterpup.

that's adorable.
i want one!

well you look fuckable in that

wow. i was right all talk about all that is irrelavant lol.... "remember that episode of sex in the city" lol soooo i think its safe to say im right lol.

Pray tell, what exactly would you find to be relevant? How about helping to find a solution to what you think is a problem rather then just repeating yourself. Just a thought.

Most people do a lot of different silly things like that when not pressed to behave in a general social way within a crowd. If your with someone who is a true friend then they won't care either. It's good to leave the generic social acceptance thing behind once in a while.

Single or not...if you like it or not.
Plus no matter if this was on Sex in the city.

This is his own personal time and each and every man is very much entitled to it no matter what. Every ones personal comfort is different and that alone should be celebrated for being unique.

I applaud him for being that brave to let us (the membership) into this very private world and that he even photographed it to share with all of us. Personally and living down here in South Florida the weather can change in an instant. So even within your own home many walk around naked as the day they were born or in something very loose fitting like scrubs or just a pair of short be they gym or underwear to each his own.

That is my 2cents worth about what was posted here.

Hello? Rob simply asked what YOU do. He didn't ask for any of the judgemental crap some of you guys have thrown at him. Hey, Rob, wish I had your imagination. Thumbs up. Wish I had enough imagination to do something different and even silly.

The previous commentator is right in how theres no need for judgmental stuff and it shouldn't matter what a friend does in front of another best friend if they are really a friend because maturity will know to expect such things even if the friend traditionally wears a unique bathrobe when heading to the bathroom which may make the friend giggle as it did with me but then the friendship is strong enough to not care.

I would have thought that one of the joys and luxuries of being in a relationship would be that you could be yourself completely with your partner.
What's the point in being in a relationship with someone who is not "down with" your super behaviour?

A CUTE BOY IS A CUTE BOY IS A CUTE BOY...no matter what he wears or doesn't wear.