Primp Daddy: Five Steps to a Perfect Beard

September 4, 2013
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Having a beard doesn't make you a daddy (case in point), but being a daddy definitely makes having a beard look so much better. Maybe it's the way the ability to grow full-blown facial hair instantly separates the men from the boys. Or the way a man's willingness to sprout some stubble tells us he isn't afraid to make a statement. Or that part of the reason a beard looks so right on a mature man is because he's earned the right to wear it. Oh, heck, maybe we just have a thing for lumberjacks. The point is, we love guys with beards—the thicker and fuller the better!—and with fall right around the corner, we expect to be seeing a lot more of them in the coming months. But there's a fine line between looking honorably hirsute and hair-raisingly horrifying. Whether you're starting from scratch, growing it out, or are already a world-class whisker man, we've compiled five awesome products and few insider tips to help keep your hairy mug in check and looking hot.


panasonic all in one trimmer
Step 1: Trim

Looking like a rugged wilderness man might be the goal, but that doesn't mean looking like you stepped out of The Call of the Wild. Keeping your facial hair even and well-groomed starts with having the proper trimming and sculpting tools, whether it be scissors, a straight razor, or an electric clipper. We love this Milano All-In-One model from Panasonic, which features 19 different length options, a unique 45-degree angled blade, and a waterproof construction that allows water to flush through the head for easy clean-up. Tip: Always start with a hot towel to open the pores, shave "with the grain," and finish with a few splashes of cold water. This keeps ingrown hairs, redness, and nicks in check. And remember, take your time! This is your face, not the Indy 500. Panasonic Milano All-In-One Trimmer, $70. Available at

blackbeard for men

Step 2: Touch It Up

We love grizzly guys with some gray hairs, but if you're not into them, there is a simple way to conceal them that doesn't involve messing with a box of Just for Men (don't do it!). Try a non-permanent touch-up product like this brush-on beard and mustache color from Blackbeard for Men. It's easy to apply, lasts all day, won't run, and contains no harsh chemicals or dyes. In just a few swipes, you'll be saying goodbye to grays. Tip: Picking the right hair color isn't a matching game. Go with a color that's two shades lighter than your natural color. For example, if you have black hair, choose a dark brown. This will give you a more natural look and help you avoid the dreaded "Sharpie marker" look. Formula X BlackBeard For Men, $9.95. Available at

Mister Beard Wash Beard Cleanser
Step 3: Keep it Clean

Believe it or not, not all hair is created equal. Facial hair is more delicate and sensitive than the hair on your head, so washing it with ordinary shampoo (or even worse, bar soap) can wreak havoc on your beard. Use a specially formulated beard wash to effectively remove dirt, build-up, and those pesky crumbs that stuck around from last night's nacho fiesta. We like this Daily Beard Cleanser from Mister Beard Wash, which leaves your beard and skin looking cleaner and healthier, thanks to a blend of botanical extracts that dissolve and remove impurities without overdrying. Mister Beard Wash Daily Beard Cleanser, $16. Available at

Mr Natty Franks Beard Elixir

Step 4: Oil Up!

One of the biggest complaints beard sporters (or those growing one out) have is the itchiness that can accompany them. Say so long to scratching with Mr. Natty Presents Frank's Beard Elixir, an all-natural beard oil that conditions your face forest using a blend of all-natural ingredients—including vetiver, patchouli, juniper berry, pine, bergamot, peach kernel, and grapeseed oil—to leave it silky smooth and smelling fresh. Tip: If you're acne prone, steer clear of beard oils that contain jojoba oil, which can clog pores. Mr. Natty Presents Frank's Beard Elixir, $12.75. Available at

williamsburg classic beard balm brooklyn groomin

Step 5: Keep It Neat

Nobody's attracted to a scraggly beard except little kids sitting on Santa's lap. Surprise your beard with a gift of its own and pick up a styling product specifically designed for it, like Williamsburg Classic Beard Balm from Brooklyn Grooming. Manufactured in New York City's beard-booming borough of Brooklyn, this tiny tin is packed with a mineral-rich grooming wax that weighs down fly-aways between trims, softens the feel of your whiskers, and even act as a styling pomade for your facial fuzz, all the while sealing in moisture and giving your beard a glossy clarity and noticeable sheen. Brooklyn Grooming Williamsburg Classic Beard Balm, $26. Available at

What's your beard style? Are you down with the facial fuzz? Sound off in the comments section below.

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I don't know who the guy is in the picture, but he's DREAMY. I'm not normally attracted to guys with beards, he just wouldn't look right WITHOUT one.

Thanks for the great tips, and suggested products.

I've been a beard aficionado since late elementary school. I was always cruising the hairiest and most mature-looking men in my PE classes. I was a charter member of the Society of Bearded Gentlemen, as it morphed from, which no longer exists. If you want exclusively gay members, join their "Rainbow Room" and several of the other groups which reflect every interest imaginable. A great group of congenial guys are there, which includes the dudes who enter those International Beard and Mustache competitions. Enjoy the bearded eye candy!

ah thanks for the tip! I am slowly starting to learn 'how to maintain' your beard, since i grew mine 2 yrs ago, i just pick up small tips over time! I love my beard and know my 'clean shaven' days are long gone!
I feel more sexier, confidence and happier with my beard look, and I certainly didn't do it for this fashion sense that most guys using their reason to grow a beard unless it was for charity case like procaste cancer awareness month!

Who cares, you're hot as f**k, shut up and kiss me! lol

Oh, golly gee! I grew my beard back in 1974, and now I find out that I've been doing it all wrong all along and I should spend $135 on these products to make myself more attractive. Do you mind if I say B.S. to that! Beard Stuff, I mean. There are many ways men express themselves with facial hair. No way is right or wrong. When it comes to beards, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Do what pleases YOU when you look in the mirror. If you spend the next few months without getting any positive feedback, change it up. My Conair hair clippers have been doing my hair and beard now for more than 20 years--so I'd have to say it was a great buy. I use the 1/4 inch guide on the sides and 3/8 inch on the chin and stache. Check out my photos in my profile and tell me if you think I have made a mess of it. Other than that, shampoo, a disposable razor (for the neck and stray cheek hairs) and occasional conditioner is all I need. It has always been my rule "If you can't SEE, TASTE, or FEEL the difference, why PAY the difference. Sorry, all the makers of the advertised grooming products.