Three Gay Daddy-Son Relationships That Shocked the World

September 20, 2013

All relationships are complicated, perhaps none more so than those between daddies and their younger paramours. We’ve heard it from many of you firsthand: from finances to mismatched sex drives to having to deal with total strangers (or worse, family and friends) giving you and your stud the side eye when you walk down the street, Daddy-Son relationships bring a whole host of unique challenges and relationship issues. They can also be some of the best, fieriest, and most fulfilling relationships around. But when they fizzle, you’d best believe the sparks will fly! Just for fun, we’ve cherry-picked a few of the most notorious and talked-about Daddy-Son relationships the world has ever witnessed. Consider them cautionary tales when it comes to May-December romancing. And count your blessings you weren’t involved in any of them.

Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber

Calvin Klein is infamous for raising temperatures with his racy ad campaigns, but it was his relationship with army soldier turned gay porn model Nick Gruber, 47 years his junior, that had his friends and fans raising their eyebrows. The 70-year-old fashion designer was reportedly so smitten with the then-19-year-old Gruber after seeing a picture of him posing in nothing but a green jacket (as a nude model, Gruber went under the name Aaron Skyline) that he launched a full-blown sugar-daddy assault on the young man, moving him into a multi-million-dollar New York City apartment, giving him a full makeover (complete with a brand new set of teeth), and throwing him an epic 21st birthday party attended by his rich and powerful friends.

While the twice-married Klein’s homosexuality had been something of an open secret for decades, until Gruber came along, he had never flaunted it so publicly. The media had a field day covering the pair, with paparazzi capturing them out on the town holding hands, hitting the beach, and making out in the streets like teenagers.

Unfortunately, the union wouldn’t last an, ahem, eternity. The mild-mannered designer and his party-loving boy toy often clashed, and Gruber’s ever-increasing drug use didn’t help matters. Klein paid for Gruber to go to rehab, but the pair soon parted ways. with the 22-year-old—who earlier this year launched a media blitzkrieg to insist he’s not gay—allegedly taking up with another older male benefactor and threatening to write a tell-all book. But don’t feel too bad for Calvin. As the most eligible sugar daddies on the planet, chances are good it won’t be long before CK finds his next One.

hadrian antinous

Publius Aelius Hadrian and Antinous

It’s good to be the king. Not only do you get to do whatever you want, you also get to do whoever you want! And back in 115 A.D., Publius Aelius Hadrian was the king (scratch that—emperor!) of the Roman Empire, and what he wanted was the willing flesh of his teenage slave boy Antinous. Though Hadrian took a wife, his relationship with the beautiful young Greek lasted for 15 years, and its intensity was without precedent. When Antinous drowned (accidentally or sacrificially, historians are still debating), Hadrian was said to have “wept like a woman” before launching a full-blown veneration to his lover’s memory. Then the most powerful man in the world, the grief-stricken emperor founded cities in his name, erected statues and shrines, and issued coins bearing his lover’s likeness. But that was just the beginning. By the time Hadrian was finished grieving, Antinous was officially deified, making him a god-like religious figure to be worshipped by the Roman people for eternity. Good luck topping that declaration of love, guys!

verlaine rimbaud

Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud

Is there anything more romantic than a tortured poet? Try two French poets complete with homosexual tendencies, drinking problems, violent outbursts, and waaay too many feelings, and you’ve got one of the greatest love stories of the 19th century! After reading a fan letter from a teenaged Arthur Rimbaud, 27-year-old French Paul Verlaine poet invites the handsome young lad to live with him and his pregnant wife, Mathilde, in his Paris apartment. Spurred on and turned on by Rimbaud’s bad behavior and acts of public lewdness (aah, youth), Verlaine kicks his wife to the curb and takes the boy, 10 years his junior, as his lover. Together, they write poetry, drink obscene amounts of absinthe, break up, make up, and become both revered and reviled by Parisian society. Their most infamous fight ends with Verlaine shooting Rimbaud through the hand, an “accident” that lands him two years in prison. If their amour wasn’t so absurd, we’d swear it was something out of a movie. And indeed it was! Pick up a copy of  Total Eclipse, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Rimbaud and David Thewlis as Verlaine, for the whole scandalous story.

Are you in a Daddy-Son relationship? What's been your most scandalous moment? Sound off in the comments section below!

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I am appalled by the negative comments about Calvin Klein. The article amounts to nothing more than a gossip column. Shame on you for posting such an unflattering article. I expected more from writers that contribute to this. Like you mother taught you, if you can't say anything nice about someone " shut the f_ _ k up!

Seriously? This is DaddyHunt. It's not a high-brow literary experience. Lighten up Francis.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Teddy's eldest daughter and DC socialite, had an embroidered pillow that said "If you can't say anything nice about somebody, come sit by me."

Liz Carpenter, friend of Lady Bird Johnson, had the same embroidered pillow on her couch.

It is also said that Alice Roosevelt (TR's daughter)
had the same saying on an embroidered cushion that had a place of honor on the sofa of HER living room.

It is even said that Liz Carpenter owns the exact same pillow!

I've got that pillow - it's sitting right here next to me :)

So true!

Hadrian and Antinous reminds me of the relationship between Alexander the Great and Hephaeston.The level of grief that Hadrian and Alexander went through for their beloveds really is touching.

Couldn't find any stories that end happily ever after? My lover is going to breakup with me and deny his sexuality, drown and or be an alcoholic that shoots me :p

LOL - but seriously, gossip ain't gonna work unless there is a dramatic ending

Y-A-W-N !
You're right up there in relevance, aren't you?

Nice but could had chosen better examples.

Guys, have any of you ever read of great romance that didn't end in tragedy. Think Romeo and Juliet. Can you imagine them loving happily ever after. Plus any two artistic or highly driven people are fighting long odds to succeed.
That doesn't mean that they don't exist but just that they don't sell. Like the news the bad is always the headline.

Sure. Just look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

Is this the National Enquirer?
Who cares Who or what Calvin Klein has sex with? He makes underwear and looks like death warmed over.

Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud only had 10 years age different, hardly Daddy-Son.

here's the factchecker we all need

That first picture of the porn star hunk with Calvin Klein looks like something out of a cheap horror movie. It looks like some B-movie actor being bitten by a wax zombie or something.

Gruber should have stayed on the CK gravy train with his sugar daddy. It could have developed into another Anna-Nicole story for today's media entertainment. Oh well.

Love has many faces but the Klein / Gruber Factor is hardly a modern template for the model Daddy / Son relationship.

Unless of course you're a wealthy and famous closet queen or a go-getter who claims to be not even be gay.

But then again I've never had enough money to go out and say "I'll have me one of them!" beyond a short-term rental.

Yeah, if I was rich I'd have a boyfriend who looked like that, too.

You forgot author Christopher Isherwood
and Don Bachardy. They were together for decades and yes, it had a happy ending.

Calvin Klein and Hadrian in the same breath?

"Submitted by 5432Wave on Sun, 2013-09-22 11:59

Calvin Klein and Hadrian in the same breath?"

Too funny - maybe CK will become president and build cities with thousands of sculptured likenesses worldwide after somebody drowns his paramour. That's good for at least one new line of fragrance - publicists these days are good at milking grief for all it's worth!

I agree!! If you can't say something nice about someone, come sit by me. I'm a celebrity photographer soon to have a blockbuster television show. If you thought these comments about Nick Gruber & Calvin Klein are harsh. Hold onto your hats, folks!! I'm Brandi Glanville of the B.H. Housewives times 4!!!

I just love the comments. Seems like readers are commenting on each other & not the story. Calvin Klein looks like a vain old lady who thinks her slim figure is more attractive. Put on a few pounds, he looks like he died & hadn't had the sense to lie down. The marble busts of Hadrian & Antoninus are more appealing.

Admirers of Antinous may want to check out the blog "Antinous the Gay God" at
Interestingly, the statues from the Serapeum (site of orgies) at Hadrian's Villa (near Tivoli, outside Rome) are now in the Vatican Egyptian Museum. The villa is definitely worth a visit when in Rome, and in 2004 they discovered the final resting place of Antinous, whose remains Hadrian brought back from Egypt.

Considering myself a Daddy's boy most of my life.. wanting a father like figure that I had a poor example of growing up.. at 43 I still can't get over needing that experience in my life... I've found it difficult for many gay men to understand this.. being caught in the middle of a conversation a few weeks ago, remaining speechless at what I was hearing.. and feeling self conscious about the conversation. One guy said "if a person reaches a certain age and still needs that, run the other direction"... another said, Daddy love is what it's all about, even Daddies need Daddies. While there is truth in that.. I think there is a perspective missing there.. and wish I had been outspoken enough to say so. Ok.. I'm 43.. I've taken care of myself most of my life. I know the value of money, how to make a living and be my own person, I'm not afraid of tears from anybody and can nurture just as well as receiving nurture.. still. the "middle" version of "Mister" still doesn't fit me.. I'm a Daddy's boy.. but have a great deal to give as a boy to a Daddy.. I know the difference between real love and infatuation... I'm not looking to use or to be used as a toy... but to interact like a son to father.. to give love, devotion, respect, and have someone to look up return I do need a man to look out for me, I have my insecurities, just as I know most people do.. but a strong loving man can see through that.. I've met them.. just not one to be a Daddy to me... someone to love me the way I am.. and whom will be loved in return even if he loses ground.. I want to be there for a man just as much as wanting a man to be there for me.. and I want to call him Daddy and I need to be a loved son. When I was younger I made mistakes and wanted and needed too much..and sometimes I was treated very poorly... but I'm a mature boy now.. I hope to find the right man.

I sincerely hope you find him..........................most of these guys seem to be rather tunnelled in their vision of Gay Love........................most of my relationships have been Daddy/Son.....................they have all been rewarding and i'm still great friends with them
my last one was 15years my current guy has been my paramore for 5 years

if you're in a daddy/son relationship and feel good about it,you should go for it. Don't want one personally, and would love to hear about one that worked out long term. We all need love. Go gays!

the info posted here about Kalvin Klein is true...i was in that Studio 54 crowd at the time and Klein was known by the crowd to be gay and having bf' what so wrong w/posting the truth. The guy is not relying on a new allegation to ruin his life.......!!!!

I agree!

That first picture of the porn star hunk
with Calvin Klein looks like something
out of a cheap horror movie.

Who cares? These examples are not about ordinary people.

Thank you for bringing this up. Calvin Klein is rich and famous. He's definitely not an ordinary person. I don't feel sorry for him or his image or his money and I don't feel sorry for his porn star boyfriend. Furthermore, I'm not his mom telling him that his relationship is all fluff and sex. He's seventy for crying out loud. His behavior is not news and it's not all that interesting either.

I'm 71 and my (ex) boyfriend is 30, we just recently broke up after a 6 year relationship. We lived together during those 6 years. I had my business and he had his business and it was not really a relationship based on money.

I don't know how many times I was asked by someone if he was my son. I think that the age difference finally became too much for him. He got better with the years and I just got older.

I had a 26 year Father/son relationship He was 21 years my senior. During that time, we went threw family problems, many moves and a few serious ups and downs but I stayed right up to the bitter end. I lost him to cancer.
Why do I say bitter end. ? 2/28 I had a stroke. I had barely gotten out of the hospital and was still in rehab when 3/15 he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. I was barely able to take care of myself and now I had to also be strong enough to also take care of him. Every Wednesday, I would drop him off for his 6 hour chemo treatment, go to my Physical therapy and come back and sit with him till it was over. He was on 3 different meds plus 2 other things. 1 for nausea and the other to keep his stomach from getting messed up .They gave him 3-4 months. He died 10/3.
Now the beginning. I was at a bar to visit a friend who was in the show that night, I was sitting alone at the bar. Bill came over and ask if he could sit and tlk to me. I said NO, I wanted to be alone. I had just came out of a bad 7 year relationship that was proceeded by a bad 6 year one. I was NOT interested in another one just yet. He walked away., only to return 20 minutes later, same request and same denial. Some people might have given up. NOT my Bill. He started over a third time. I moved to a table and invited a friend to join me. I told him there was a man looking for a date and I wasn't interested. Bill came over and ask if he could join us. I said yes so he sat down. My friend tried to get Bill in a conversation but Bill was only interested in me.

I met 25 yr-old Mark, when I was 42. Aside from the usual ups-and-downs, we were a happy couple for nearly 12 years. We formally and publicly affirmed our commitment on 3 occasions, long before Massachusetts legalized such a union. He passed away in 2000, I was at his bedside (in our dining room turned sickroom). He waited to breathe his last, only after I gave him leave: "it's OK, Babe. Let go."

My first gay relationship after I finally accepted who I was and came out was with a 19 year old boy. At the time I was 37. We were together for 10 years in a very loving dad/son relationship. We had planned on getting married when it became legal. We ended up going our separate ways for a myriad of reasons. But the point love between generations not only can work, they can thrive and be as a normal heterosexual couples relationship. Myself I have always been the daddy type, even when I was younger. It is in a great part about the daddy being a mentor, to guide and give wisdom. To listen and be that go to person. Just as a real father would be for his son. I have the best of both worlds as I do have my own children so I have first hand father/son experience. For all the guys, both young and older, who never had the father figure growing up and yearn for that, don't give up. There are guys out there that understand what a real daddy/son relationship and the bond is all about. Have fun everyone and follow the desire to be with whomever makes you happy. :)

My first relationship I was 19 and he was 36, we hit it off instantly and 9 months later I moved in and we had a good life. There were challenges like his children from his past marriage and his ex. (It was really difficult when his 12 y/o daughter got a crush on me) But things went well for about 6 years until I grew too old for him at the age of about 25, he lost interest in me and wanted younger men, so about a year later we broke up. I've had a few relationships since then, and now I'm in a Daddy/Son relationship that's lasted 7 years. I'm 58 and he's 36, and we're very much in love with each other. He was 29 when we met and I was 50 about a 22 year difference in ages. Yes we've had our challenges, and yes he's grown up a lot and so have I. I never had children, and being in the Dad role fulfilled that need I had of wanting children, but I didn't expect to have to deal with a petulant obnoxious kid who is 29 and acting like 16. It was a challenge. I was lucky to have an excellent childhood and my parents are excellent people, my Dad has been my best friend all my life, and still is today, he's 91! My partner had a terribly abusive childhood and needed guidance even as a young adult from a decent Father figure. Since we've been together he's gotten off the drugs and heavy drinking, gotten a good job that's lead to a career, gone to school to further his education, come out as a gay man, and he's changed his friends for ppl that care about him as a person and accept us as a couple, and he can hold his head hi and be proud of himself now. I've taught him the morals and ethics and manners I was taught and grew up with, and he's learned and changed on his own. I never told him to do any of this, he learned by watching and asking questions and trying things himself, it was always his choices after he got the love and support and comfort of someone who loves him unconditionally and gives suggestions on how to improve himself. He makes the final decisions about his life, as a Son should when he grows up. I'm now disabled and a paraplegic due to a gay bashing, and he stays with me, and helps me. Yes it's a challenge for him because he's a young man that wants to explore the world and find his own way, and that's great and healthy. I tell him to go and not be held down by a crippled old man, but he insists on staying with me. I do the best I can to help him, and he does his best to help me. Our relationship is not based on money because I have very little now because I lost my job after I couldn't walk anymore. I don't want to tie him down, he should be out there dancing and travelling and having fun, which I can't do now. So, what do I do, set him free and let him develop into his own man, or stay with him and let the relationship continue, which is tying him down an preventing him from the opportunities he should explore and enjoy? I feel I'm going to do what's best for him, and end things. He deserves his freedom while he's young. I don't want him resenting me because he lost opportunities because of me. I know we'll always be friends, but he needs someone he can enjoy life with and go hiking, and travelling and dancing and wicked sex swinging from chandeliers, etc. He's come a long ways in 7 years, and he deserves the chance to spread his wings and enjoy life and be his own man now. I think my job is finished, and that's a sign of a good Father, knowing when to let go, but still be there when needed, like my Dad still does for me.
There are good Daddy/Son relationships, if they're not based on money or sex or infatuation, but in love. Not all Daddy/Son relationships end in tragedy or drama, some come to a natural close. People come into our lives for a reason, and when their work is done the relationship naturally ends, so let it go with good memories, and hopefully stay friends for the rest of your lives.

Wow, thanks for sharing. I envy your sincere and respectful relationship.

you are a great man..................i hope i can be half the man you obviously are !

Nightman this is the best response to this topic of Daddy/Son realtionships. I totally agree that when people come into our lives they do play a part but should not and are not tied to you and your destiny.What you have done for them and vice versa will last a lifetime, so move on. I have a best friend here in Tennessee whom we became better friends and not lovers that showed me exactly what you said in the end of your response. God Bless you and your friend/partner.

I am in dad/son relationship that is similar to many of those posted. I am 64 he is 22. We met via web and he is local. His father knew his son was gay, and supposedly had no problem with it...that is until his son met me. Its been an up and down relationship. His father threw him out...(belongins in trash bags...really) so he moved in with me. It was difficult as he likes to party with friends, is up late and other issues. We had a bad falling out, he moved in with a friend of his (20yr old). We just couldnt live together, yet now its great. I am a real daddy. I provide for him as much as I can, and he has often told me I treat him better than his father ever did. At times its difficult, oh I am older than his mother as well, its sometimes a bit weird especially when we go out.
Would I change things..sometimes I think I would, but he loves me and I him. We had a interesting conversation when i said we wouldnt last to long. When I am 70 he will be 27 and I am sure he wouldnt want to be with a man that old..." I plan on being with you forever, so dont get any ideas." lol. Will we last I dont know, its not based on money, or sex ( but the sex is great), I will go with it until what ever happens.
Prior to my current BF, I had a BF that was 18 when I was 35, and we are the best of friends even after we broke up.

who care good for calvin klein i hope i can get a young stud like that when iam his age